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Ing. Hana Macíčková-Cahová, Ph.D.

Ing. Hana Macíčková-Cahová, Ph.D.

e-mail: cahova@uochb.cas.cz
phone: +420 220183343

Born 27. 12. 1981 in Zlín (Czech Republic).

Scientific CV:
2001-2006 undergraduate study, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, M. S. degree - specialization organic chemistry (supervisor Associate Prof. I. Linhart)
2005 study abroad for 4 months ENSCM, Montpellier, France (group of prof. J. Moreau, supervisor P. Hesemann)
2006-2010 PhD study, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (supervisor Dr. M. Hocek)
2010-2013 Postdoctoral position, University of Heidelberg, Jäschke's Group
2014-2015 Postdoctoral position, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (supervisor Dr. M. Hocek)
since 2016 Junior Group Leader in Chemical Biology, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

2008 Best oral presentation - YoungChem 2008, Cracow, Poland
2009 Best oral presentation - The Progress in Organic, Bioorganic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2009, Nymburk, Czech Republic
2010 Best oral presentation – IOCB Conference 2010, Frymburk, Czech Republic
2012 Best poster presentation – American Chemical Society prize - EMBO conference series – Chemical Biology 2012, Heidelberg, Germany

List of publications:
18. Ménová, P.; Vrábel, M.; Cahová, H.; Hocek, M.: "Synthesis of base-modified dNTPs through cross-coupling reactions and their polymerase incorporation to DNA" (Book Chapter), in Non-Natural Nucleic Acids: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology (N. Shank ed.), Humana Press, New York, NY, 2019, vol. 1973, pp. 39-57.
17. Cahová, H.; Panattoni, A.; Kielkowski, P.; Fanfrlík, J.; Hocek, M.: "5-Substituted Pyrimidine and 7-Substituted 7-Deazapurine dNTPs as Substrates for DNA Polymerases in Competitive Primer Extension in the Presence of Natural dNTPs" ACS Chem. Biol. 2016, 11, 3165 - 3171.
16. Dadová, J.; Cahová, H.; Hocek, M.: "Polymerase Synthesis of Base-Modified DNA" in K. Nakatani, Y. Tor (eds.), Modified Nucleic Acids, Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology Series, Vol. 31, Springer 2016, 123 - 144.
15. Kielkowski, P.; Cahová, H.; Pohl, R.; Hocek, M.: "Flexible double-headed cytosine-linked 2'-deoxycytidine nucleotides. Synthesis, polymerase incorporation to DNA and interaction with DNA methyltransferases" Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2016, 24, 1268 – 1276.
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