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Hosek Research Team
Hocek Research Team

PhD students - every year, 2-4 new open positions for PhD students are available in the Hocek group

3 positions for PhD study are opened in the Hocek group starting from 9/2019!!!

Research topics for Thesis:

  • novel cytostatic and antiviral nucleosides with modified heterocyclic bases
  • modification of DNA with reactive groups for bioconjugations
  • construction of functionalized nucleic acids for applications in bioanalysis or nanotechnology
  • development of novel chemical and enzymatic methods for efficient constructions of base-modified DNA and RNA

Requirements: MS degree in organic or bioorganic chemistry or in biochemistry to be finished within 2019, strong interest in organic synthesis and/or bioorganic chemistry, willingness to learn new techniques and to work on multidisciplinary projects in international environment and good knowledge of English (foreign students will be expected to learn Czech during the study).

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2019. Foreign students should send their CV and letters of recommendations to Prof. Dr. Hocek (who will later contact only the short-listed candidates for further negotiations). Czech and Slovak students are always welcome to come and visit our laboratory and discuss the possibilities with Prof. Dr. Hocek and with the students of the group.

Diploma (MS) students

A limited number of undergraduate students could work on their diploma thesis in our group in collaboration either with the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague or with the Charles University. Interested students should contact Prof. Dr. Hocek and visit our laboratory to discuss the possibilities.

Postdoctoral associates

1-2 positions of postdoctoral associates are usually available every year in the Hocek group (applications from EU-countries are particularly welcome). Announcements are advertised here. At the moment two postdoc positions on a newly funded project on chemistry of modified DNA and selection of aptamers are available in the Hocek group starting asap.

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