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Dr. Aswathi Chakrapani

Ms. Aswathi Chakrapani

e-mail: aswathi.chakrapani@uochb.cas.cz
phone: +420 220 183 343

Born 29. 11. 1995 in Kerala (India).

Scientific CV:
2013-2018 undergraduate study, IISER-Thiruvananthapuram, Specialization Chemistry Major - Biology Minor; Master thesis: Synthesis of Carbazole based ?-conjugated hexaphyrin-like macrocycles and their bis-BODIPY complexes (supervisor Dr. S. Gokulnath)
since 2018 PhD study, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (supervisor Prof. Ing. Michal Hocek, CSc., DSc.)

List of publications:
4. Chakrapani, A.; Ruiz-Larrabeiti, O.; Pohl, R.; Svoboda, M.; Krásný, L.; Hocek, M.: "Glucosylated 5-hydroxymethylpyrimidines as epigenetic DNA bases regulating transcription and restriction cleavage" Chem. Eur. J. 2022, 28, e202200911.
3. Kalaiselvan, A., Dhamija, S., Aswathi, C., De, A. K., & Gokulnath, S.: "Planar hexaphyrin-like macrocycles turning into bis-BODIPYs with box-shaped structures exhibiting excitonic coupling" Chemical Communications 2021, 57 (87), 11485-11488.
2. Chakrapani, A.; Vanková Hausnerová, V.; Ruiz-Larrabeiti, O.; Pohl, R.; Krásný, L.; Hocek, M.: "Photocaged 5-(Hydroxymethyl)pyrimidine Nucleoside Phosphoramidites for Specific Photoactivatable Epigenetic Labelling of DNA" Org. Lett. 2020, 22, 9081-9085.
1. Nadimpally, K. C.; Chakrapani, A.; Prabhu, P. J.; Madica, K.; Sanjayan, G. J.: "Rigid Peptide Scaffold-Incorporated Structural Analogs of the Potent Antidepressant Peptide Drug Rapastinel (GLYX-13)" ChemistrySelect 2017, 2, 3594-3596.
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